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Protect what you love.
Aluminium frames protect your home
in every condition.
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ALSPACE, design of wide view and minimalist aesthetics for the highest comfort
aluminium: strong and efficient, perfect for any space and for each design style
ALUX, the future is at home
whatever your style,
classic or modern
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Alux means quality materials and the production process

Alux has always been committed to constant monitoring of the quality of the materials, the manufacturing process and the final product.
The company, due to its efforts, has reached a very high standard of quality and a highly developed production process, as confirmed by certifications obtained.
These ensure, through monitoring of all business processes, consistent quality over time and, thanks to careful management system, the control of its production activities, aimed at minimizing the environmental impact, and at the same time, to ensure our customers with unmatched quality.

The satisfaction of our customers is always our first goal.