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Protect what you love.
Aluminium frames protect your home
in every condition.
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ALSPACE, design of wide view and minimalist aesthetics for the highest comfort
aluminium: strong and efficient, perfect for any space and for each design style
ALUX, the future is at home
whatever your style,
classic or modern
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ALSPACE is a sliding window system produced using aluminum frame profiles and accessories in a minimalist design. Its characteristics allow diverse mounting solutions offering the possibility to create large glass surfaces at any height, covering big architectonic openings and spaces that open from the flooring to the ceiling.

ALSPACE represents the solution for contemporary constructions conferring a light elegance to the environments and maximum luminosity while guaranteeing optimum isolation; a system that is able to combine excellent functionality and an exclusive esthetic value, capable of harmonizing the beauty of the world outside with the warmth and atmosphere of the living spaces.

Technical details

Uw = 0,91 w/m2k
Ug = 0,50 w/m2k
psi = 0,04 w/mk
Product standard: EN 14351 CE

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