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choose the best style of shutters for you between hundreds of colors and finishes available
>aluminium: strong and efficient, perfect for any space and for each design style


Alux shutters are built to last, without maintenance.
Thanks to them the light that comes from the outside can be easily tuned. They also create a double protection ensuring a better barrier against rain and a longer life of the fixtures.
Available in hundreds of colors and finishes, they fit perfectly to the exterior style of your home. Discover all the available models.

is a shutter which is characterized by its rounded profiles of the frames and shutters and for the soft closure which fully satisfy all of the esthetic and architectonic needs complimenting any structure in a refined mix of technology and tradition.

is the shutter that is distinguished by the rounded profiles of its shutters and for the absence of the perimeter frame which allows it to be mounted directly into the wall.

is a shutter with simple lines, it is clean and minimal in a retro style. Its pure beauty is essential and timeless. It is available in over 200 colors (polished or matte) and in anodized and wood finish versions.

is a shutter produced in multiple versions with finishes available in over 200 colors (polished and matte) in anodized and wood finish versions. It is available with a series of tinted accessories, with or without, a perimeter frame.

is a shutter produced in multiple versions with finishings available in over 200 colors (polished or matte) in anodized or wood finish versions.

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For 16 years we are a landmark in the field of windows and aluminum frames.
Finding design solutions of value, the use of quality materials, attention to details.
These are our special features, found in all of our key products: sliding, aluminum frames, aluminum-wood windows, shutters and blind shutters.