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Protect what you love.
Aluminium frames protect your home
in every condition.
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ALSPACE, design of wide view and minimalist aesthetics for the highest comfort
aluminium: strong and efficient, perfect for any space and for each design style
ALUX, the future is at home
whatever your style,
classic or modern
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Alux windows and shutters in aluminium are synonymous of functionality, accuracy and elegance. The fastenings are indestructible and versatile without any necessity of maintenance.
The Alux fastenings isolate perfectly hot and cold, are a barriers against water and damp and remain intact during the course of the time.
Our products are built with attention, with high quality material and with the highest technology existing.

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Quality and beauty in a unique product

The best blend of style and technique
Alux is a safe and reliable choice that can meet every need of furniture integrating itself with every taste in architecture, is the triumph of the "Made in Italy" that always has been synonymous with beauty, care and attention.
Prodotti completamente Made in Italy con materie prime di elevata qualità
Alux,the future is at home...
Alux operates on all international markets. Founded in 1998, quickly became a benchmark in the field of aluminum frames, thanks to the dedication with which we have taken care of every aspect of our products.
Today we are a well-established company able to offer its customers the best.

Frames for every need
For 16 years we are a landmark in the field of windows and aluminum frames.
Finding design solutions of value, the use of quality materials, attention to details.
These are our special features, found in all of our key products: sliding, aluminum frames, aluminum-wood windows, shutters and blind shutters.